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Co-Founders of the Mondonac Center

Jacqueline Perras is a gifted channel, intuitive, and shamanic practitioner who brings her first-hand experience and insight to the center. She has a deeply creative background and is a gifted metaphysical artist (whose work has been featured on television in her native Quebec). Her channeled material, and messages received from shamanic journeying, contribute vastly to our understanding of the spiritual realms. Jacqueline provides shamanic apprenticeships to her clients, with the aid of the spirits.

Eric Lingen has a broad theoretical and practical experience with various spiritual systems. With a background in Esotericism, Hermetic Qabalah, Eastern and Western Mysticism, Wicca, Druidry, Paganism, Shamanism, Channeling, and Automatic Writing. He is able to offer a holistic view of spirituality. Uniting the shared elements of these systems, he is able to suggest unique methods that the student can use to forge their own connection with spirit. Eric holds a Masters in International Public Policy (MIPP).

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