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Welcome to the online home of Spiritcraft (Spirit-Based Shamanism & Witchcraft)!

What would it be like if you discovered that the spirits care about you? How would it affect your life if you found out they are always watching over you? Let us show you!

Our system of Spiritcraft is inspired by shamanic and pagan practices. We reach back to the earliest days, before shamanism, mediumship, and witchcraft were separate practices, when there was only the seeker and the spirits, in a time before religion and dogma. We capture that primal spiritual experience, and provide it to our members.

Spiritcraft is a practical, non-dogmatic, and universal set of techniques that can be used by anyone. Novice seekers can get started with it, and students with a pre-existing tradition can use it as an "add-on" practice to connect with the spirits.

By signing up with the Mondonac Center you gain access to all our free introductory training material, including: Core Training, Spirit Studies, and Spiritcraft Explorations! You also gain access to our Weekly Q&A Sessions and Witches Circle!

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The Spirit World and Your Life

The Spirit World is a realm of pure consciousness separated from our world by a thin veil of perception. It is populated by beings that have been interpreted in many different ways throughout the ages:

Ancestors, Angelic Beings, Spirits of the Land, Plant Spirits, Nature Spirits, Ghosts, Animal Spirits, Fairies, Dryads, Elementals, one's own Higher Self, and Cosmic Intelligences.

To work with the Spirit World is to connect with these beings, to invite their influence and assistance into your life. These beings are eager to help, but they need to be asked. Saying hello opens the door to their wisdom, intervention, and friendship.

Ultimately, the spirits can help through guidance, divination, manifestation (e.g. Law of Attraction), energetic empowerment, and spiritual healing. Spirits can manifest their messages during meditation and shamanic journeying, in dreams, and through synchronicities.

Our Courses

We have a mission to get Spiritcraft out to the world! By signing up (for a free account) you have access to all our introductory content.

We suggest you start with the “Core Training in Spiritcraft” video series. It introduces the essential tools you need such as purification, cleansing, “opening the veil”, shamanic journeying, and daily ceremonies.

With Spiritcraft you will "learn by doing". Our approach is hands-on. After completing core training you can go on to work with our complete introductory video series.

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Spirit Studies & Explorations

Our Spirit Studies are at the core of the Mondonac Center's approach. Through them you will learn about particular types of spirits. You will discover how to communicate and work with different spirits through ceremony, shamanic journeying, divination, dream work, and other means.

As a member of the Mondonac Center you will also have access to our Spiritcraft Explorations. This content is designed to teach you practical skills for working with the Spirit World. By exploring this material you will discover how the Spirit World can benefit you in many different parts of your life!

Q&A Sessions and Witches Circle

By joining the Mondonac Center (for free) you receive access to our weekly Live Q&A Sessions. These are held every Saturday. Questions are submitted by our apprentices and answered publicly by Jacqueline and Eric.

Every Sunday we gather for the "Witches Circle". Don't let the name fool you, it is open to everyone, not just witches! At this session we combine our energy to manifest change in this world, both for ourselves and for humanity in general.

You can find our Q&As and Witches Circle events on our YouTube channel! Mondonac Center YouTube Channel

Co-Founders of the Mondonac Center

Jacqueline Perras is a gifted channel, intuitive, and shamanic practitioner who brings her first-hand experience and insight to the center. She has a deeply creative background and is a gifted metaphysical artist (whose work has been featured on television in her native Quebec). Her channeled material, and messages received from shamanic journeying, contribute vastly to our understanding of the spiritual realms. Jacqueline provides shamanic apprenticeships to her students (with the aid & guidance of the spirits).

Eric Lingen has a broad theoretical and practical experience with various spiritual systems. With a background in Esotericism, Hermetic Qabalah, Eastern and Western Mysticism, Wicca, Druidry, Paganism, Shamanism, Channeling, and Automatic Writing. He is able to offer a holistic view of spirituality. Uniting the shared elements of these systems, he is able to suggest unique methods that the student can use to forge their own connection with spirit. Eric holds a Masters in International Public Policy (MIPP).

Statement on Cultural Appropriation

Please note: We take a firm stand against “cultural appropriation”. We believe in working with universal techniques that are the birthright of all humanity and that come naturally to humans. These techniques exist cross-culturally and are wired into our very biology and soul (e.g. trance, ecstatic states of experience, the creation of sacred space, heart-based communication, etc.)

There is a deep divide between working with these techniques and the act of appropriating the cultural practices of another culture. Taking cultural practices (e.g. sacred songs, specific ceremonies, or a ritual dance) from another group is deeply disrespectful and, also, ineffective. The spiritual practices of another culture are not simple items that can be swapped around and borrowed. Rather, they are the result of a long-standing communication and relationship between that cultural group and the spirit world. These spiritual practices are a reflection of a specific metaphysical relationship that an outsider is simply not a part of (and cannot join, unless invited in). If you are not part of that group, a specific spiritual practice of the group will not work for you. Ultimately, this means that you need to find and create your own relationship with spirit.

Thankfully, we can help you with that. We focus on techniques that are a universal part of the human experience. In working with these techniques you are connecting with things that are ancient, that have existed for as long as humanity has, and which have evolved and taken on may forms over the millennia. Working with these ancient and universal techniques allows you to make your own connection with spirit.

As a result of working with these universal techniques you will discover your own sacred dances, songs, and rituals. You will not receive them from a human source. Rather, the spiritual realms will provide them to you.

- Mondonac Center

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