The Spring Equinox is fast approaching! We will soon ring in a new year of growth and life! Doing something, however big or small, to mark the occasion is an excellent way of staying in tune with the changing seasons. This harmonizes yourself at a subconscious level with the changing energies of the year. Over the winter you have become accustomed to slumber, rest, and the absence of sun. Now it is time to wake up and get going again!

Something you can do to call in the spring and connect with the switch in energies is to say a little prayer at the moment of the Spring Equinox. Google the exact moment of the equinox in your time zone. At that moment, begin the following invocation/prayer:

Greatest sun now shining forth,
Returning from your far flung travels,
Bring us light and bring us growth,
Our love for you is boundless,
Send the winter far away,
Bring the blossoms now to stay,
Let the days grow longer now,
May you bring the plants and spring.

Stay for a moment in silence and feel the energies of the spring returning.

Spring has now begun!

Note: you can repeat this exercise throughout the Spring if you need a boost!