This is a great little ritual to start your day. It puts you in a good "headspace", reminds you of the things you are grateful for, and puts you in a calm and receptive mood.

At sunrise, face the east, and enter "receptive pose" (stand up straight, with hands at your sides, palms facing forward, receptive of all the energies of the universe). Close your eyes and feel the early rays of morning light. Feel the light and warmth as it shines upon your skin.

Then, speak the following: "Greetings to you, Sun. You have my gratitude and reverence. May you shine your light upon my life and my world. May you bring goodness and growth. May your light embrace me."

Stand in silence, and continue to feel the light upon your body. Feel the energy of the sun entering your being, charging you. Draw that lifeforce into your self with every inhale of breath. You are energized.

Thank the sun again, and continue on with your day.