To be in the forest is to be surrounded by a community of ancient and friendly watchers. The trees are old, with many living far longer than a single human lifespan. They have seen many things, bearing witness to our history. They have seen our horrors, and our goodness. They have seen us, and they know us.

A tree lives a simple life. Its mission is to send its roots deep into the Earth to obtain nourishment from the physical, and to raise its branches and leaves high above to reach the light of this world. And sending out its seeds, it ensures future generations.

Trees and humans are not too different from each other. We wish to live, seek nourishment, and create future generations.

The trees know this. Not through any verbal or intellectual "knowing", but an energetic one.

When you talk to a tree, you reach out with your heart. The spoken words are lost, they are only meaningful to you. What matters is the message within your heart. This is what is heard. This is the inner language that allows for dialogue with any other spiritual being. And when you speak with the tree in this way, listen with your heart. It will respond with non-verbal meaning. Listen with your intuition and emotion. Feel without thought, listen without letting your mind get in the way.

Go and speak with the trees, they will speak back. And give one a big hug, it will hug you back.