At the heart of a temple rests a dwelling place for a god. This dwelling place is often an idol or statue. It is a conduit for divine energies, a place in which they may reside. The temple is the physical space that houses this dwelling place.

You are a temple. Your body houses your divine self. The mind and soul reside within this soft casing of matter, this temple of bones, blood, muscle, and sinew. Your mind uses the brain as a dwelling space, and the soul uses the heart.

Would you allow the temple of a god to become dirty? Would you allow it to fall into a state of disrepair? Would a god wish to reside in a fallen temple?

Assist your soul and mind in connecting with this world by keeping your temple clean. Grow your capabilities by purifying yourself of negativity and distraction. Allow your mind and soul to flow into this temple, with no obstructions in the way.

Eat healthy, exercise, meditate... clean your temple.